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  • Dreamweaver

    We teaches you basic use of dreamweaver For making CSS and HTML Pages.

  • HTML

    Basic features of HTML like Form Element, Div ,Pre defined function etc.

  • CSS

    Basic features of CSS like Id selector, class selector etc.

  • Flash

    Basic Flash Working with layer & frame etc.

  • HTML5 Programming

    Extra features of HTML5 like header, footer, section etc.

  • CSS3

    Extra feature of CSS3 like animation, Gradient and shadow etc.

  • Core Java

    Android History
    1) Android background
    2) Open source platform

  • Android SDK/NDK

    ABD (Android debug bridge), DDMS, Log-cat, Emulators, API

  • Android GUI Application development

    Introduction to graphics, Views and Layouts, Creating Menus(context/option), Intent Passing

  • Creating Web View

    Using URL, Using Html/java script

  • Data Base In android

    Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem

  • Multimedia development

    Using Shared preferences, Using SQLITE

  • Command Line Arguments

    Object Oriented Programming, Exception Handling

  • Scanner & Console Class

    How to define Scanner and Console class

  • Object Oriented Programming

    Class, Object, Inharitance, Polymorphims, Contructer, Destructer etc.

  • programming in Java

    Web application with MVC pattern

  • Working with Filters

    Working with Filters, Working with Listeners, Session Management & Cookies

  • Expression Language

    SSL Work with Secure, Connection

  • Web Designing Part

    HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap

  • Basic concept of PHP

    Conditional Statement, Looping, Arrays, Functions, String Functions

  • FORM Handling

    GET, POST & REQUEST Method

  • SQL Introduction

    Basic Queries, Connectivity of SQL with PHP ,Insert, Delete & Update through PHP

  • AJAX & XML


  • CMS (Wordpress /Joomla)

    Project (Major)

  • Photoshop CS series

  • Poster design

  • Polygraph

  • Colorful leaflets

  • Web page design

  • Search engine Basics

    Search engine Basics, Search Engines, Search Engines V/s Directories

  • Directories

    Search Engines V/s Directories, Major Search Engines and Directories

  • Optimization

    On Page Optimization, Off Page Optimization

  • Page rank

    Website Architecture, Website Designing Basics

  • Keywords

    Keyword Research and Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitor analysis, Finding appropriate Keywords, Target Segmentation

  • Off Page Optimization

    Directory, Blogs, Bookmarking, Articles, Video Submissions, Press Releases, Classifieds, Forums, Link Building

  • Introduction of C++

    Control Statements (Conditions & Looping), Functions (Macro, Overloading, Inline, Default Arguments)

  • Object Oriented Programming

    An Overview of Object Oriented Programming(Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation)

  • Class & Objects

    Constructors (Default, Parameterized, Default Argument, Dynamic & Copy) & Destructors

  • Files and Streams

    Console Input/ Output Streams

  • Generic Programming

    Generic Programming with Templates

  • Exception Handling

    The Standard Template Library(Container Classes, Iterators), Minor Project

  • Introduction of C

    Concept, Console Input Output With Format Specifies & Flags

  • C Tokens

    Condition (if else, else if, switch), Looping (Iteration) for, while, do while & Jump Statements, Arrays (One Dimension

  • Pointers

    Pointers (near, far & huge Pointer, Dynamic Memory Allocation)

  • File Handling

    File Handling (Random & Sequential Access)

  • Storage Class

    Storage Class(auto, static, register & extern)

  • Command Line Arguments

    Pre-Processor Directives & Macro Substitution, Variable Number of Arguments, Graphics (Overview)

  • Introduction of .NET Framework

    Components of .NET Framework(CLR,JIT,CTS)

  • Introduction to Tools

    Introduction to Tools(Visual Studio)

  • Exception Handling

    I/O Exception Handling

  • ADO.NET connectivity

    connectivity from .NET

  • Windows Application

    Introduction, Common Controls, Containers

  • Web Application

    Introduction,HTML ,CSS, Javascript ,Standard Controls with effect of CSS, Validations with and without JavaScript

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