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Benefits of being certified for PHP by Thinklab

Thinklab is the best training institute in Jaipur that provides professional and industrial training on PHP for B.Tech, BCA, MCA and other students. Our aim is to sharpen your technical skills by giving you rigorous hands-on practice in addition to theoretical knowledge essential for interviews and thesis as you pursue your career. Our course content is structured to correspond very closely with the actual IT industry rather than give you superficial knowledge about each of these subjects. We aim for expertise and perfection in our students.
There are many programming languages available today which makes your journey as the programmer very tricky and long. Now a day, there is great demand for the programmers in the IT industries. Companies are always looking for the top programmers in the world for the quality work.
There are many scripting languages to choose from when developing web applications and the most popular one is PHP. Because of its features and easy to use format, this has become the most popular computer language and is used by many IT companies. Even some of the big social media giants like Facebook use this language for which anyone with experience and knowledge in this language is in high demand in the present times. PHP is a server side language that can be used to develop and host a website. There are many advantages of using the PHP for web development:

  • It is an open source web development language so it is free of cost to use.
  • It is platform independent so it is run on the all major operating system.
  • It supports all the major web servers like apache, Netscape, etc.
  • It supports all the major databases like MySQL, ODBC, SQLite, etc.
  • It provides the faster development time by decreasing the loading time and workload from the server.
  • It is secure because it has the multiple layers of security to prevent threats and malicious attack, etc.

As a survey shows that a PHP developer has more career opportunities that the other programmers or developer. But don’t get over excited, because when companies like HCL, Infosys, Microsoft and other big companies hire you as a PHP Developer they also expect a lot from you. So you must have in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise in PHP as well as in other scripting languages and PHP based framework, MVC, CMS, JSON, XML, HTML, Strong in OOPS Concept, WordPress, API integration etc.

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