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Education is learning what you didn't even know you didn't know.

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Expert tutors

We provide you Expert tutors. They teaches you in a good way. Solving doubts at same moment help in better understanding of concepts and our experts keep this thing in mind while teaching you.

Trusted certifications

We Provide you a trusted certifications (ICDL).100% placement assistance is provided to students after successful completion of career courses.

Start Learning

Start learning with us and Get a live tutoring session with added advantage of availability at a convenient time and more flexible and customized according to your needs.

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Thinklab is an independent consultant who helps students and organizations with educational planning.


Thinklab focus exclusively on assisting students with college planning.


Student development theories is understanding and enhancing the experiences of information by students.


Student Production Services for dedicated student technicians providing events for student events across campus.


Analysis provides the faculty member with both qualitative and quantitative results and analyze student performance and will guide them.


In accordance with the policy regulations, student records are maintained in a manner that protects the privacy of students.

Summer Internship

We at ThinkLab provide internship Trainings to the students of professional degree courses like BCA, MCA, B.E., B.Tech and M.Sc. (IT/CS). The students may pursue training for 6 weeks / 6 months. The training provides a complete learning experience to the interns to explore new opportunities in the real world. ThinkLab provides better infrastructure and guidance to their students who undergo training. During the training phase, we provide a number of projects to work upon including Live Projects in different technologies with the certification for the same.

What is an internship?

Internship in Jaipur

Feed this question to Google and it coughs up - An "internship" is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called "interns", to work at a firm for a fixed, limited period of time. Let's make it simpler for you - it's a job before the actual job, a peek into your career before it actually starts. You will go to office (unless you do a work-from-home internship), have real responsibilities, learn new skills and utilize your existing ones (if any), and get paid (generally). Sounds great, right?

When should you do an internship?

Internship in Jaipur

Whenever you're free! Companies hire interns round the year, but most students do internships during summers and winter breaks because they have no exams during this time and lesser curriculum engagements. There are many students who even do internships round the year; work-from-home internships can be a real awesome experience!

How to find that awesome internship?

Internship in Jaipur

You could talk to your college Training and Placement Cell (T&P Cell). They are in constant touch with employers and a word of recommendation from your professor opens many doors for you. But T&P cell can only help you bag internships during the vacation. Use internet to scour for internship openings. Many company websites post internship requirements and ask you to mail your resume directly to them. Of course, you need to have your resume ready. For tips to write a resume, check here.

Now that you know all about internships, let's take you through the most practical guide ever written to land an internship.

Placement Assistance

ThinkLab has a placement rate of above 90%. One of our priorities is to ensure that you have a firm understanding of how the IT industry works and what you can do to gain a foothold in the field. We have a Career Counselor who dedicates his time into making sure you feel confident and ready to tackle all potential interviews. The facilities at ThinkLab are designed to provide an optimal learning environment. Our teachers adopt a special training methodology popularized in Japan which ensures that all students comprehend the lesson, regardless of their initial knowledge of the subject. This is done by using a combination of visual and practical methods.